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Move to Root specializes in plant-based nutrition copywriting and counseling, serving individuals across the country as well as businesses in the health, wellness, and food spaces.

We are a team of dietitians, writers, and editors excited to provide nutrition counseling or to share your plant-based brand, product or service with the world.

Meet Carley

The Nutritionist & Head of Copy Behind Move to Root

Carley began her career in content writing for an animal rights organization where her passion for plant-based nutrition was sparked. She decided to return to school to study nutrition to help others pursue a healthy plant-based lifestyle. During her Master’s program at Tufts University, Carley began writing content for various nutrition professionals and Move to Root was born. Carley received her Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication from Boston University, her Master of Nutrition Science and Policy degree from Tufts University, and recently completed her Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) to become a Registered Dietitian. Carley believes that health is holistic, which is why she occasionally teaches Nutrition and Yoga at Mass Institute of Technology (MIT).

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Meet Elena

The Head of Counseling & Lead Dietitian Behind Move to Root

Elena has suffered from digestive issues, food sensitivities, and allergies for as long as she can remember. She has been all over the diet spectrum—from feeling "out of control" with cravings to being afraid to have her next meal due to past flare-up experiences. Shortly after finishing her undergraduate degree in public health, she began reading about—and experiencing firsthand—the power nutrition and a root cause approach can have in healing.

After completing her master's degree in nutrition and a yoga teaching certification (because, let's face it—food is only one piece of the health puzzle), Elena completed her 1200-hour internship in Baltimore with Johns Hopkins Medicine. Her practice philosophy melds a holistic and integrative approach with evidence-based guidelines. She is passionate about building relationships with her clients and providing the tools they need to make lasting and meaningful changes to their health!


  • Gut Health
  • Supporting Autoimmune Conditions
  • Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Pediatric and Family Nutrition
Nutrition Counseling
Our Company Values

Plant-based for a positive future

Move to Root believes that every little step towards a more plant-based future is a positive one. That is why we have dedicated our careers to uplifting the voices of individuals and brands who aim to promote plant-based content, products, and services. We also know that everyone can benefit from eating a more plant-forward diet, which is why we have decided to specialize in plant-based nutrition education and counseling.

The intersection of science and wellness

Move to Root values evidence-based nutrition. We also believe there’s a place for holistic wellness. That’s why you will see us working with clients on all ends of the plant-based nutrition spectrum and incorporating both modalities into our counseling practice.

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Wellness and nutrition writing is complicated, to be done with integrity it requires well-researched pieces, passion for the topic, and technical proficiency. Carley and Move to Root provide just that.

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