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Who is Move To Root?

We are a team of dietitians, writers, and editors excited to provide nutrition counseling or to share your plant-based brand, product or service with the world.

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We get it, you're excited to promote your new product, but you're not sure how to write about it. We’ll take care of that.

Or… you’re looking for compassionate and evidence-based nutrition advice from experts who truly listen, view wellness holistically, and can give you the tools to make lasting and meaningful improvements in your health. We’re here to help.

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Whether you are creating your first blog, or you have been writing your own content for years and need a fresh take, we’re here to help. Move to Root offers packages with brainstorming sessions so you are never alone in the topic-development process.


We offer various services including blog posts, news articles, e-books, recipe
summaries, Instagram captions, newsletters, and more. Check out the Services page for our Discovery Offer.



Together, we will get to the root cause of your health concerns by going over your health and diet history, lifestyle, environment, and current lab work. We’ll tailor a nutrition and wellness plan that feels right in your body and gets you back to feeling like, well, you.


Planning meals can be both time consuming and stressful—especially when you consider your taste preferences and nutrition needs. Move to Root offers custom meal planning services to help give you time back in your day for the things you enjoy most, while enjoying simple and balanced nutritionist-approved recipes.

...and so much more

Amber Wilson

Owner of Maddox Lane

"Wellness and nutrition writing is complicated, to be done with integrity it requires well-researched pieces, passion for the topic, and technical proficiency. Carley and Move to Root provide just that."


Counseling Client

“I can't speak highly enough about the incredible guidance I received from Elena at Move to Root. Their expertise in crafting a personalized nutrition plan based on my blood test results has been transformative."

Words About Move to Root

Elissa Goodman

Holistic Nutritionist

"Carley is very punctual and on top of all the projects that she handles for me. And it gives me so much reassurance having a writer who is formally educated in nutrition."


Counseling Client

"Elena not only got me back to feeling myself again but helped lead me into feeling like my BEST self. She is knowledgeable and reliable, and maintains professionalism while making you feel like family. Now I go to her to make sure my sweet baby gets all his nutritional needs met, and I know that he is a happier boy because of her!”

Meet the Nutritionist & Head of Copy

Carley began her career in content writing for an animal rights organization where her passion for plant-based nutrition was sparked. She holds a Master of Nutrition Science and Policy degree from Tufts University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from Boston University, and recently completed a Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) to become a Registered Dietitian.

Meet the Head of Counseling &Lead Dietitian

After experiencing firsthand the power nutrition and a root cause approach can have in healing, Elena knew she wanted to help others do the same. She completed her master’s degree in nutrition and went on to fulfill her 1200-hour internship with Johns Hopkins Medicine. She is passionate about building relationships with her clients and providing the tools they need to make lasting and meaningful changes to their health!

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